Installation Instructions of Concrete Pump Hose

  • Concrete pump hose should be longer than the actual length. Because the hose length has change ranging from -4 to +2 when the hose is under pressure. Therefore, concrete pump hose should be slack when it is installed straightly.
  • Concrete pump hoses should be kept in the same level when they are installed deviously to avoid wrap and prevent the leakage, abnormal blasting or connectors pulling off in the use process.
  • Avoid sharp bend near the hose joints. If this situation is unavoidable, you must use accessories to change the installation angle.
  • If concrete pump hose ends have relative movement in use, the bent parts of hose should be kept in the same plane to prevent the hose wrap and affecting its service life.
  • Avoid fixing the hoses in the bent part. If it is necessary, the bending radius should be at the position where the hoses are pressurized and there should be a certain margin.
  • If concrete pump hoses are in repeated bent conditions, you should make the hoses have enough extended length and control the radius of bent part is larger than the specified size to avoid the extreme bend near the fixed connectors.
  • If concrete pump hoses are used with friction of each other, they should be equipped with suitable fixture when they are installed to avoid the direct contact of hoses.
  • If the two ends of concrete pump hose are fixed in different planes in use, the hose should be fixed with fixture at appropriate parts, making them form into two sections of their respective movement in the same plane.
  • The selection of concrete pump hose and the installation layout should be reasonable. Avoid unnecessary bending.
Several workers are pouring concrete to the building with concrete pump hose.
Concrete pump hose can be used to transfer concrete in the building construction.
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